Sunday, 19 October 2014

A little bit of tree magic

I don't know where the summer went do you? Leaves are coming down already, and walks out with Mr J are a bit chillier, although he is bravely still sporting a pair of shorts. Last week we had a very long walk, to Maplins to pick up my shiny new ultrasonic cleaner. This will speed up things at the polishing side of things. I use an environmentally safe polish called Luxi to finish my creations and the ultrasonic cleaner will be used for removing the last traces from hard to reach places. I was pleased to find it on special offer at Maplins, and as it was a glorious sunny day we decided to do the 2 hour round trip on foot. Halfway home we decided to head into a pub. A few beers and a nice lunch later meant the ultrasonic jobbie was quite expensive after all. But we had a great afternoon!

I've been putting the finishing touches to my latest piece, inspired by a beautiful silver birch on our daily walk. I melted sterling silver on a charcoal block to make the base for the silver accent at the top of the leaf, which I cut to shape myself, from a pretty piece of shell. Visit my website at to see more pictures of it.

I made quite a few of these melted silver pieces, some of which you can see laid in position in an oval pendant.