Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Water Sprite and Mulberry - my new pendants

Oh I've had such fun making these! I just let my imagination go wild and got forging, hammering and mixing jewellery resin to embed pretty shell pieces and beads. I decided to include the name in the back of 'Water Sprite' - I used several layers of jewellery resin so everything seems to float within. I'm really excited about the possibilities of combining the forged metal with the resin and it has been interesting coming up with creative ways to keep the resin within the framework in its liquid state. Mr J. urged me not to hang them from anything complicated with too many beads in and he was absolutely right. Less is more with these!

My next idea will incorporate some sterling silver and a piece of mother of pearl. I want it to have the look of lichen, or twisty tree roots. I melted loads of silver (got told off by Mr J as he found some little fragments near the teapot ooops). Melting silver on a charcoal block demands concentration. The molten metal dances about like mercury, but after a bit you get the knack of stopping the melt before the silver turns into a ball and it still has a lacy look to it. Must say I felt a bit like an alchemist. Still at the quick scribble stage as yet but I think it will be pretty and rather elfin in appearance. That's the plan anyhow.
Just booked another minibreak in Cromer. Hooray - I can go to the gemshop as it's just round the corner from the pub where we stay. Beer and beads in one weekend.... perfect!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A new beaded garland

My 'Blooms and Berries' necklace is complete. I think the cream mother of pearl flowers are pretty in amongst the rich berry coloured beads. Finished off with brick stitched ends so that it is easy to do up and a really good quality clasp. I soldered the sterling silver ring on the other side, as it makes it extra secure.

Now my workdesk is bare and tidy - so we are off for a stroll to see what I can find in the hedgerows and wood to inspire me. After a few days of beadwork I fancy making something that involves some hammering and a torch.