Sunday, 31 August 2014

When is a button ‘not a button’?

Thinking outside the box (well the button box in this instance) can often result in some really unusual and attractive components. I had some pretty flower shaped mother of pearl buttons that were just begging me to include them in a braid. I wanted them to have a red and silver centrepiece, to fit in with the colours in my braided garland. Trouble was, the little cone bead cap slid around on top of the button way too much for my liking, so a rethink was needed. I realised I would need to drill out the centre, to allow the silver cup to sit comfortably within, so out came the flexshaft with a diamond tip, cone shaped burr attached. On went the dust mask and goggles and I got to work on them.

The great thing about the little silver cups in the centre is that they reflect the red bead that sits on top in a really subtle way. A bit like the reflector behind a light bulb. It’s a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. My next challenge with this necklace is to find some beads that mimic some pale coloured buds to go in between the blooms. I’m thinking either tiny drop shaped beads in silver or cream. Must say I do love this time of year when berries are starting to appear, but there are still flowers in the hedgerows and gardens – it always has me wanting to work on beaded garlands!

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