Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Queen of hearts and kingfishers

Inspiration for my latest necklace came from a pack of cards. Some tricky piercing with a jewellery saw and some nifty wirework stretched my skills. The clasp was designed after looking at the curled formal wigs on the deck of cards. Originally the topmost shapes on either side were plain, but after I completed the necklace, I realised they needed to have a  tiny hearts pierced out, and it was worth the extra step as it reflects the designs on the playing cards nicely. Once the necklace was constructed I added the antique patina, polished it and buffed it with Renaissance Wax to seal and protect the finish.


A lovely Sunday pootling about the Norfolk Broads on my brother’s boat has left my jewellery making brain buzzing with ideas. Relaxing on a heap of cushions with a glass of bubbly watching lovely scenery slowly drift by was a lovely decadent way to spend the day – thanks bro! I took some great photos of windmills and the ruins of St Benets Abbey.
I’m left with fleeting impressions of jewel like kingfishers, dragonflies, and later on as we sailed back into the sunset, tiny silvery fish plopping out of the water. I need to make something inspired by all these things so I have selected this piece of handmade dichroic glass. This will be a bead embroidered piece.

As well as having the textures of rippling water it has the iridescent colours of a kingfishers plumage. I will also include some abalone shell in lustred silver and blue shades to symbolise the tiny leaping fish. Next step is to sketch out a design.

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