Thursday, 24 July 2014

Two new necklaces

So many things to keep even the keenest jewellery maker away from the workdesk at this time of year. We have been so busy, starting to tackle repairs and improvements that have been put off for far too long. But I'm a happier bunny now that we have chosen the wallpaper and paint for the living room. Just need to finish fixing the fencing in the back garden and then we can make a start. Soon as the inside is fixed up I will plan my little garden studio.

But I have actually completed 2 pieces and have a couple more well on the way. The copper and sterling silver shield pendant was a real learning curve for me. Several grades of solder, my very first wire rivet and some fiddly enamelling in those little circles. No less than 5 layers of enamel powder, heated and cooled between each application. What held me up was wondering how on earth to get the enamel evenly and precisely within the circles. In the end I used dentists tool to gingerly tip teeny amounts into the little circles. Any residue was carefully swept away with a small damp sable brush. I'm a lot more confident with the technique now and can't wait to make something else with enamels.

The blue crackle quartz, sterling silver and sodalite necklace is also done. How I loved every mad wire wrappy moment involved in it's creation. A piece to suit a real wild child!

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Love the copper and silver necklace!

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