Sunday, 6 July 2014

Reciting the soldering 'mantra'

I’ve got some tricky soldering to do this afternoon. I need to remember the mantra that my tutor has been drumming into me. Lucky soldering lizard sits on top of my rolling mill in my workspace watching me with his beady little eyes and reminds me that ‘’It has to be clean….. it has to join….. solder won’t flow if there’s a gap or dirt’’.  Also in the photo are the links that, combined with soldered jump rings, will join the shapes. I'm keeping these irregular, to fit in with the squiggly sterling silver in the copper leaf shapes.

Well these sterling silver wire squiggles are clean and fit into the copper shapes so well that they don’t fall out even without the solder, so I’m hoping the soldering will work. The only thing I may have to watch is if they ping out of place when I am heating them. I think I will use some iron binding wire to bind the copper shapes to the soldering block, then I can hold the silver squiggles in with the tweezers while I manipulate the torch with the other hand.  This piece has been inspired by memories of lovely sunny walks – many years ago, with my sister and my little nephew, then 2 years old. There was a quiet little lane at the back of our house and we’d gather blackberries amongst the brambles and twisty roots in the hedgerow. I did a painting at the time to remind me of those happy times, with Michael in his little blue dungarees with his little basket.

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