Sunday, 27 July 2014

Petallica - A flower necklace in mixed metals

My love affair with sterling silver and copper continues. I spent this morning adding the finishing touches to 'Petallica' my new flower necklace. The centrepiece is a gorgeous foiled glass cabochon. I pierced out the flower shape myself from copper sheet, making little rounded tabs between each petal to create a prong setting for the stone. The hanging bail at the back is soldered on and is designed so that it is concealed - the flower just seems to float on top of the black necklet. I engraved subtle lines on each of the petals and gave the copper an attractive satin patina with my flexshaft tool. I then did some wirework with sterling silver, also weaving in sterling silver beads and then carefully shaping the top wire to lock them in place. Keeping the back neat is so important and I'm pleased that it looks nice on the back. I know it's hidden, but it matters. The flower is 40mm wide.

I felt it needed to be suspended from something simple and elegant to complement the black in the cabochon. Cooksons Gold do a range of superior quality rubber necklets with really beautiful sterling silver clasps - fastened by pushing and twisting the end - really secure and unusual. I find that as far as fixtures and fittings are concerned, you get what you pay for.

The same is true of tools. When I first started out I bought a cheap piercing saw on ebay for a fiver. I struggled with getting the blades in. Sitting at my bench for 10 minutes fiddling every time I needed a new blade led me to buy a Swiss made Grobet brand saw - pricy - but oh so worth it. New blade in in a jiffy and it's a joy to use. Yep - you get what you pay for as a rule.

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