Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ebb and Flow - necklace in progress

Wire wrapping with sterling silver wire is a lovely process. It moulds itself so beautifully to the stone. With this design I wanted to keep the wraps done with the finer wire quite loose, so I used a half hard wire as opposed to the fully annealed soft wire that I have used to create the double ended coiled sodalite links that also appear in the photo. All the while I have been manipulating the wire I have been thinking off flows and ripples - hoping that these thoughts will magically transfer themselves to the necklace!

Before I went to my silversmithing class I would probably have strung the drop on the base of the necklace on a bought headpin. Not this time though! I got out my trusty little torch and melted the sterling wire to make a nice balled end. It's a small thing that makes so much difference and ties in with the organic nature of the piece.

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