Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ebb and Flow - necklace in progress

Wire wrapping with sterling silver wire is a lovely process. It moulds itself so beautifully to the stone. With this design I wanted to keep the wraps done with the finer wire quite loose, so I used a half hard wire as opposed to the fully annealed soft wire that I have used to create the double ended coiled sodalite links that also appear in the photo. All the while I have been manipulating the wire I have been thinking off flows and ripples - hoping that these thoughts will magically transfer themselves to the necklace!

Before I went to my silversmithing class I would probably have strung the drop on the base of the necklace on a bought headpin. Not this time though! I got out my trusty little torch and melted the sterling wire to make a nice balled end. It's a small thing that makes so much difference and ties in with the organic nature of the piece.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sterling silver and quartz necklace

You really can’t beat a good old fashioned stay in a little seaside town. As my husband recently turned 65 we decided to head off for a nice little break in Cromer, which is on the North Norfolk coast. We stayed above our favourite pub – the Wellington – and had a wonderful time. Great to be able to slide off the bar stool and up the stairs to our nice little room. We had some lovely walks, with pit stops in Pegotty’s Tea Shop when we got tired. Oh and of course there just had to be fish and chips. Ian was subjected to a day of mooching in and out of antiques, books, jewellery shops etc. Cromer has some lovely little independent shops – I came home with a secondhand book on silversmithing and a couple of stones from the crystal shop. Normally these would be sitting around for a while looking pretty until I decided what to do with them. This blue crackle quartz just begged to be wire wrapped though, so I have put aside the shameful number of half worked projects (apologies if you are waiting for something but we craftsters are a fickle bunch!).

All of the wire in this will be sterling silver with tiny silver beads woven in and I am weaving in some blue sodalite gemstones. Sitting with peaceful happy thoughts of our recent seaside hol whilst doing the freeform wrap was a lovely way to spend the solstice.


Also on the workdesk recently have been some experimental work with collage, resin and efcolor enamel. I like working with all these things and there are several books to learn the basics. But I need them to speak with my own creative voice and this can only happen with trial and error experiments. Here is the result of my first experiment. Not for sale as it isn’t quite perfect, but I’m getting there slowly!