Sunday, 18 May 2014

Back to the beads again

It’s been rather a horrible month and jewellery making has been on hold for a bit. My sister-in-law Viv had been ill for some time and after a short stay in a hospice sadly passed away at the end of April aged just 62. So we have been  to North Wales for the funeral and to see the family, rather a contrast to all the other visits we have made for get-togethers and weddings. However, the weather was gorgeous on the day and the  ‘do’ afterwards at the Cricket Club in Llandudno was not as sad as you might think. After coming home on Wednesday I came down with a sore throat and a cold and just wanted to sleep. A reaction to all the travelling and the strain of the occasion I expect.

Now things are just starting to feel better again and the beads are impatient to get going. I missed my silversmithing class as we were away on Tuesday, so I am looking forward to it this week. My silver and copper pendant needs just one more session before it is done. I have 2 more little silver shapes to saw and solder, a sterling silver chain and clasp to attach and coloured Efcolor enamel to put in the 4 circular shapes and then heat in a special little low temperature 'kiln' at 150 ⁰ C. As well as honing my soldering skills it has enabled me to do my very first cold connection in the form of a silver wire rivet which attaches the bail. I found  this wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be and is a useful skill to have learned.
The bluebell inspired beadwork necklace has also seen some progress and I am working up the strap. I plan to make 3 beaded beads on each side and these will be interspersed with shortish sections of stringing worked on the strands of special Beadalon wire that you can see protruding.

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