Sunday, 27 April 2014

A garland for a May Queen

A sure sign that summer has arrived is when Ronaldo the hot chestnut seller in London Street swaps his stand for  his ice cream cart – see my sketch below.

Talking of carts…. I now have one of my own, to wheel to my silversmithing class. It was getting to be such hard work carrying everything in on a Tuesday that I decided that this particular Boudicca needed a chariot. At least it’s a plain black jobbie – I drew the line at a tartan one! It caused much teasing from husband but my back will thank me in the weeks to come.

Decided to have a few days break from my bluebell embroidered necklace to make a beaded garland.

I just had to put in these fabulous metal flowers, I have given some pink centres and some have blue ones. Ordered some really lovely quality clasps from Cooksons – 13mm long sterling silver and then made my own sterling silver rings which I hammered to work harden them. It gave the garland a lovely quality finish. To see more photos and a description visit my website at:

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