Sunday, 27 April 2014

A garland for a May Queen

A sure sign that summer has arrived is when Ronaldo the hot chestnut seller in London Street swaps his stand for  his ice cream cart – see my sketch below.

Talking of carts…. I now have one of my own, to wheel to my silversmithing class. It was getting to be such hard work carrying everything in on a Tuesday that I decided that this particular Boudicca needed a chariot. At least it’s a plain black jobbie – I drew the line at a tartan one! It caused much teasing from husband but my back will thank me in the weeks to come.

Decided to have a few days break from my bluebell embroidered necklace to make a beaded garland.

I just had to put in these fabulous metal flowers, I have given some pink centres and some have blue ones. Ordered some really lovely quality clasps from Cooksons – 13mm long sterling silver and then made my own sterling silver rings which I hammered to work harden them. It gave the garland a lovely quality finish. To see more photos and a description visit my website at:

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

When beadwork takes on a life of it's own

I love it when a piece of jewellery takes on a life of it's own. It almost tells you how it wants to be made. It certainly seems to have been the case with this one. I'm loving the little curlicues at the base and I'm fully engrossed in encrusting it with glass flowers, pretty beads in greens and blues and some crystals. I'll wait until the end before I decide if I will add dangles to the bottom of the pendant.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bluebell necklace - a new challenge

Once inspiration strikes me for a piece of jewellery I like to start off with some rough sketches and some notes about how I want it to 'feel'. I've chosen to create a necklace that has the colours of a bluebell wood in it, so that will influence the long leafy shapes in the strap. Here are my initial sketches with the central cabochon enclosed in the first of the wire that will form an armature encrusted with lovely beads.

I also want to get some clear crystals on top of the leaf shapes - so that they resemble raindrops. I've also decided that I would like two hanging drops on the bottom of the centrepiece, one green and one purple. The overall feel I am aiming to achieve is one that looks somehow 'elfin' and nature inspired. Knowing what I want to end up with is half the battle - it will be fun working out all the beading strategies I will use to accomplish it!