Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nifty Knotting

It really doesn't feel like a year ago that I was sorting out the 'wildlife zone' in the garden. I thought I had better get it done this morning as the frogs, and for that matter all the other garden visitors seem to be about early this year due to the lovely weather. So I've been hefting huge flints, tiles, bits of wood and pots about to make a haven for the froggies. The garden seat will be taken out of the shed this afternoon, after which there are chocolate muffins and a nice pot of tea in the sunshine.

I decided I wanted a really creative way to attach the pretty shell pieces to my beaded rope necklace. In order to blend in nicely with the marine theme in the braid I want some knotting and some groups of beads in the space under the smaller disk. This meant drilling holes with my trusty flexshaft drill. I've taped the pieces to hold them in my vice so I have both hands free to knot and weave.

Tomorrow I'm planning to spend the day playing with my rolling mill, I want to make some textured metal pieces to take to class on Tuesday which I plan to enamel using the kiln in the workshop.

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