Sunday, 9 March 2014

Marina - a new knotted necklace

Whenever we go away we seem to be drawn towards marinas. Sitting on a harbour wall watching the world go by is a lovely way to relax on holiday. I could happily sit for hours watching well camouflaged crabs on rocks and spotting the odd shimmer of a silvery fish. It all fascinates me, I love the faded greens and blues of the piles of rope on the quayside and all things marine have inspired my latest piece.

 I have photos pinned up whilst I work and I have suspended the braid from my fly fisherman’s vice. This makes the knotting process flow as I can use both hands to knot and place the beads. It will be quite richly encrusted when done, so this is just the first stage. I have yet to pick out the abalone shell piece that will adorn the centre. I have made tiny wire coils and placed them at intervals and plan to thread strands of beads through them. I got the idea from the wires on a fishing rod through which the line passes.

A lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon – but time to go down now and start the roast beef whilst Mr J watches the rugby!

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