Friday, 28 March 2014

Making some connections

A very busy Friday at the workbench. I have two necklaces on the go at the moment and I am hand forging every piece of them. No shop bought elements at all, as I want to set myself the challenge of making even the clasps from metal. Each necklace needs a different approach and I am thinking carefully about the shapes I use and how the chain links are formed.

The necklace on the right is going to have some wires soldered to the shapes and then the resulting areas will be filled with enamels. This should give it the look of cloisonne as I am intending to use several colours. I am using a cooler melt enamel so that I can fire it at home. I have a special little enamelling stove to use for that. The necklace on the left has been etched in a tank with ferric chloride and then enamels added.  This afternoon I will anneal and shape the two shapes that will link it to a chain. I have been cutting my jump rings using a saw - so much neater than cutting with flush cutters, although the technique takes some mastering. Just as well I enjoy sawing as I have done a lot this morning.
Once these two pieces are done I am planning a new bead embroidered neckpiece called 'Bird of Paradise. Very rich and colourful with shapes resembling a lyrebird making the centrepiece. Watch this space!

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