Friday, 14 March 2014

I love layers

Building up a richly textured surface with beads is a wonderfully relaxing and meditative process. In a piece like this intuition plays an important part in getting the combination of bead finishes just right. After all there is so much to choose from, from the sparkle of crystal to the soft sheen of pearl and shell. The knotting in this piece plays a very important role for me, as it represents the aqua coloured ropes I love looking at when I visit the seaside. I had some fun sorting through my box of shell pendants and in the end I have decided to layer an abalone disk on top of a larger silvery/cream/smoke coloured piece.

Another new toy arrived last week. All the powders, gadgets and gizmos I need to begin some experiments with enamelling. More about that when I've had the chance to have a bit of a play.

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