Sunday, 23 February 2014

Thumbs down!

And it was all going so well. I had hoped to have my Spice Trail neckpiece all done and photographed by this weekend, but another disaster has meant a few days unable to bead. Last weekend I decided to sharpen my kitchen knives. I think you can already guess where this is heading, right? On Monday I was cutting some bread rolls and the knife slid off a sunflower seed and sliced through the end of my thumb. Ouch!

Only now able to thread a needle again and start to think about the back section and the clasp. I’m loving the red agate round beads I’ve used where the sections join. As well as looking beautiful they add strength where the sections join.

The back of the neckpiece is neat and well finished. It’s important to me that even the unseen bits are beautiful.

Silversmith class on Tuesday after a break over half term and I’m into experimenting with spiral shapes in metal just now. Fiddly to cut out even with two good thumbs!

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