Sunday, 23 February 2014

Thumbs down!

And it was all going so well. I had hoped to have my Spice Trail neckpiece all done and photographed by this weekend, but another disaster has meant a few days unable to bead. Last weekend I decided to sharpen my kitchen knives. I think you can already guess where this is heading, right? On Monday I was cutting some bread rolls and the knife slid off a sunflower seed and sliced through the end of my thumb. Ouch!

Only now able to thread a needle again and start to think about the back section and the clasp. I’m loving the red agate round beads I’ve used where the sections join. As well as looking beautiful they add strength where the sections join.

The back of the neckpiece is neat and well finished. It’s important to me that even the unseen bits are beautiful.

Silversmith class on Tuesday after a break over half term and I’m into experimenting with spiral shapes in metal just now. Fiddly to cut out even with two good thumbs!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Copper and abalone earrings

I put these together in silversmithing class at Wensum Lodge on Tuesday. I’ve had the abalone shell pieces for ages and I think they look good on the copper leaf with the little silver leaf shapes. I took my new Proxxon Micro Torch in with me this week and I must say I am very pleased with it. It annealed the leaves easily and I put them over a ‘spoon stake’ to shape and texture them.  No class next week as it’s half term, but at least I am now set up with equipment at home. Not much I can’t tackle albeit on a smaller scale than in class. The only larger item I have on my wish list at the moment are a set of repousse chasing tools. These are expensive - around £75 for a basic set of 12.

Last week I completed my daisy bangle. This is the first bracelet I have ever made so it presented me with some new challenges. Metalwork isn’t like beadwork in the sense that you need a fairly good plan of action especially with something that combines soldering and wirework with glass beads. Copper wire is such a good conductor of heat and with that much wire you don’t want to end up with a glowing pile of wire and cracked beads! I’m pleased with the claw setting and it was nice to use one of my smaller glass cabochons in a completely new way.

Work on my Spice Trail neckpiece has resumed at last. The central section is done and the sides are progressing well. I’m really loving all the glowing colours in it and it certainly cheers up a dreary wet day when I’m working on it.

Mr J is on the mend at last. We are down to just once weekly visits to the GP and he is enjoying walks with me again. He is taking me out for a meal tomorrow as it’s Valentines Day. Lovely!