Saturday, 7 December 2013

Earrings in sterling silver, copper and pearls

The last silversmithing class was busy as I wanted to finish my earrings. I love pearls against copper and using sterling wire for the wraps and the ear hooks mean that they will be comfortable. I did enjoy making tiny balls on the end of the silver wires. This is done by holding the wire in the soldering tweezers, then pointing the gas torch flame upwards and letting a drip of molten silver form.  In my preliminary sketch there were 2 pearls on the end of dangles but as I progressed I decided that a single pearl would look lovely in the little cup made by shaping, hammering and folding the pierced copper.

I have booked myself on for another term at Wensum Lodge, and I’ve ‘double booked’ which means I do my usual session, have a quick sandwich and then carry on through the next class. Several of the diehard jewellery makers seem to do this. Loads of projects on my ‘to do’ list so having twice as long will be great. It’s a nice crowd, hard working and friendy with a great tutor and a well equipped workshop, so I can see myself doing it for at least the next year.

The last gift has arrived through the post courtesy of some wonderful makers on the ‘Folksy’ website  and the tree is up and looking pretty with all its jewel colour fairy lights. I’m having to be extra organised this early as we are off for a bit of much needed winter sun.

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