Friday, 15 November 2013

'Freya' - my new Viking neck ring and pendant

It’s completed at last! Several sessions in my silversmithing class at Wensum Lodge have been happily spent on this copper piece and I’ve loved every moment of its creation.

The pendant section has been sawn out of a 0.7mm piece of copper sheet. Then it has been hammered on an anvil before being heated in a flame to anneal it (soften the metal to allow it to be worked). More hammering over a curved form made a lovely flowing shape. Then I drilled holes and attached the paddle shapes with the vintage green glass drops. The drops are wired with tiny copper discs at the base which I created with my new disc cutter and my lovely new Proxxon drill. Then I created the neck circle by using a technique called ‘Viking Weave’.  This is done by weaving a mesh of fine wire around a mandrel. Then it is drawn down a succession of holes in a drawplate, each one smaller than the last until it is the desired length and thickness. I threaded this chain over a thicker piece of wire and hammered a clasp with a hook that echoes the swirl that I had pierced in the pendant. Finally I created wire wrapped detailing and attached the pendant. Phew! No wonder I didn’t find time to blog for a bit!
Must say my poor husband is putting up with the hammering and drilling with great fortitude. It's surprising where the bits of trimmed off wire can end up. The poor man has had years of finding tiny seed beads stuck to him and now he has metal shards to contend with. There has been talk of a little den for me in the garden, where I can get up to all sorts of jewellery making mischief, which is something to look forward to.
Other than that, ‘Atlantis’  the latest bead embroidered piece went off to a new home, here are photos of it all finished.


Ankie said...

they both are just beautiful, your talent is really showing , did not take you long to learn these new skills i was waiting to see the pieces finished , a wait worth while ,

Valerie Jones said...

That is really kind of you Ankie. I've been working really hard in my class and it's exciting to do something different. Hammering metal and using a torch is such a contrast to sitting down quietly with some seed beads. But I love both techniques equally! Val x

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