Sunday, 29 September 2013

Something rich and strange

It had it all. Lovely costumes, fabulous jewellery, great setting….. and a terrifying and lumbering creature. No I’m not talking about 'Strictly', I’m on about ‘Atlantis’-  a new serial that will see me glued to the TV on a Saturday. Myth and magic have often been the inspiration for my beaded pieces – Ariadne, Persephone, Minerva…. All have put in an appearance on my beading desk over the years.
So I’m inspired to make something in deep jewel-like colours with gold highlights over the next few days. In the photo below my beads are going through an 'auditioning' process as I decide where they will ultimately be stitched on. The gentler occupation of applying beads using embroidery techniques to make a rich tapestry will contrast nicely with all the sawing and metalwork I’ll also be doing in silversmithing class this week.
Talking of metalwork, I’ve been reorganising my workspace. The desk has now been raised by an inch and an overhang created so I can attach my benchpin. I’ve had my first order of sheet through from Cooksons together with various other sundries such as files, tin snips, saw, rawhide mallet etc. The fact that Cooksons were offering freepost until end of month did little to curb my enthusiasm! It’s a slippery slope and I find myself hankering after a flexshaft drill! Oh well, when the boat comes in and all that.
In amongst all of that I found the time to make another YouTube video. This is my eighth! You can watch it below if you like.

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