Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My precious!

Yes I know it’s small and plain but it’s the first thing I’ve made in silversmithing class at Wensum Lodge and I shall treasure it forever!

Spent a very happy morning in class learning how to file, sand and polish. There's something very exciting about wearing a full face mask and using some power tools! After a final buff on a wheel with jewellers rouge it was done and gleaming.

We were asked to take in some sketches of what we would like to make next and I had done 3 sketches of proposed pieces. Val the tutor said all were achievable but after a chat we decided on my idea for a copper pendant on a Viking weave chain.

I will be learning how to make the chain at home over the next few days and then next Tuesday I am going to learn how to use a jewellers piercing saw. Watch this space to see if my fingers survive unscathed!

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Anonymous said...

You sound as if you have been having fun at your jewellery making classes.
Your design looks grate and very imaginative
Your first piece of jewellery is always a special one and I do not know abaout you but working just sparks the imagination.
Good luck with your new jewellery project.

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