Sunday, 1 September 2013

Inspirations from a rocky shore

We have just about recovered from the week of partying and wedding celebrations in Conwy. The weather was lovely on the big day and the church shook to the rafters with some truly magnificent Welsh voices! Whenever we visit North Wales I am struck by how different the landscape is there compared to here in Norfolk. Our hotel room looked out over the Great Orme. We just don’t have anything like that mountainous piece of rock in this part of the world, although the landscape is just as beautiful. Here it is fairly flat apart from a few hilly bits in North Norfolk. We boast wide skies and unbroken vistas with marshland, reed beds, windmills and the Norfolk Broads. What both places do have in common are stony beaches and I love to stroll along the shore poking about amongst the pebbles and seaweed.

I just can’t rest until I’ve made a piece that reminds me of pebbles on the shore, so I’ve started to gather my sketches and materials together – a process that is in itself a bit like beachcombing. I’m thinking I will include a sweet little black pebble that I picked up on the shore and gave a bit of a polish. I think it best to keep to an earthy palette of colours, with slate, terracotta and marble greys still giving me plenty of scope to play with juxtapositions of colour and texture.

Some of my beach finds, with a watercolour sketch and some jasper cabochons

I’ve also got some updates to do for my website over the next couple of days, as I’ve yet to list the last couple of pieces I made. September already and my silversmithing course starts on 17th. Can’t wait - I’m really excited!

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