Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ideas for colour schemes

We’ve an eclectic selection of things in our kitchen and I’ve always loved the vintage glass bottles on the windowsill. They reflect the light differently according to what the weather conditions are like and I was looking at them this morning  daydreaming over my toast about how nice it would be to find some handmade glass with those colours in.

We popped into our local charity shop on the way to the supermarket and I happened to glance inside the glass case where the jewellery is displayed. My eye was drawn to a strand of gorgeous glass beads – 34 of them in all – in just the colours I wanted. Brand new and with the shop label still attached! I will think of something interesting to do with them once my Rocky Shore necklace is done.
Here are some pictures of progress so far. I wanted it to be richly encrusted, organic, and have the appearance of small pebbles laying on top of a larger rock in amongst strands of seaweed. I’ve used a wire armature (a technique I’ve been experimenting with a lot recently).
Goodness, ‘Strictly’ starts this evening. My poor husband watches under duress whilst I ogle the costumes and jewellery.

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