Monday, 30 September 2013

Getting to grips with Viking Knit

I love learning new techniques and I’ve been meaning to try Viking Knit for some time. Ages ago I got this lovely handmade set of mandrels and drawplate and I’m finally giving it a go. I’m intending to use it to suspend the copper pendant I’m making in class. The next stage after forming the weave over the mandrel is to draw it down through progressively smaller holes which will tighten the weave. I’m doing some practice pieces first until I am happy with my technique. I'm learning to use a jewellers saw tomorrow, another useful skill to have. I always head for a café after class and have so far managed to resist the delicious looking chocolate or carrot cake. I may not resist tomorrow!

Yesterday afternoon was spent working on my ‘Atlantis’ neckpiece. I made lots of changes and added an extra section to the centre to make it look more balanced. In the end I decided to make it look formal and symmetrical in design and I’m now adding the beads to the frame. I’m really pleased with the changes I made to the initial plan, it works so much better this way.

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