Saturday, 10 August 2013

Totally tropical

Aloha! My beading desk looks very tropical this weekend. I’m surrounded by cherry quartz, fluorite, aventurine,  tiny seed pearls, red coral and some pretty Lucite flowers and acrylic leaves. I’ve always used glass beads before now, but in this instance I want a really lush garland of bigger blooms and it needs to be light and airy.

I’ve made three braided wired strands with the quartz, fluorite and aventurine and I’m playing about with the placement of the flowers and leaves. I need the back of the necklace to be slimmer, so I’m planning to make that with a woven tube of seed beads embellished with a few larger beads. Mixing techniques and materials has been wonderfully liberating!

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Julz said...

This necklace is so pretty and I love the design it looks as if this flowers could be growing in the hedge row. The colours in this jewellery necklace are lovely and sit perfectly together.
It takes a good eye to be able to create something that looks so organic and natural

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