Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New ways with jasper donuts

A very hectic week. The big family get-together on Saturday was lovely and the weather was kind to us. I must admit I prefer the cooler summer days, it means I can concentrate on my jewellery making better. I had to take some time out to search for my wedding guest finery and have hair done – all sorted top to toe including new shoes, bag and a fascinator. If I lean over a stream I swear it could catch a trout! Just hope I can transport it to North Wales in one piece.

Despite limited time for jewellery making I’ve a new piece in progress. I love finding new ways to showcase semi precious donuts. This is a fusion of wire wrapping, micro macramé and bead weaving. I’m adding the smaller seed beads to complement the reddish pink in the jasper donut and add some shine to contrast with the matt linen threads. The dove coloured colour scheme is lovely to work with after the Mardi Gras colour scheme of the necklace I finished last week.


Using the copper wire in pieces meant I had to find a way to seal the surface. After some online research I discovered Renaissance Wax.  Fabulous PH neutral waxy stuff used by the British Museum to protect precious artifacts – including suits of armour. You can apply several coats to build up a lovely protective surface and it helps to preserve colour and finish.




Julz said...

I love the combination of different jewellery skills that you have used with this necklace design. I love the copper wire work and the colours of the beads work perfectly with the semi-precious stone. then you have used macramé work for the necklace and they all work beautifully together creating a very unusual and beautiful jewellery necklace. Its Stunning

Valerie Jones said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments - it's a real boost to me as I've made a real effort to learn some completely new techniques this year. Beading out of my comfort zone has been such a challenge, especially the wirework - but I feel that skills other than seed bead stitching are much needed if my work is to stay fresh and exciting. Best wishes, Val

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