Sunday, 14 July 2013

Two new wire wrapped necklaces

One of the best things about walking to the local post office is that we take a detour down a leafy lane on the way back. It’s usually really quiet, despite being just a short distance away from Norwich airport and there is always something different to see. Just strolling slowly along listening to the trees and watching the butterflies flitting amongst the undergrowth makes a lovely break in a hectic day. This week it’s been really hot, so the cool shade of the hedgerow has been even more enjoyable. After one such walk I felt inspired by twisted stems to make a wired necklace. I sketched out a design and made some notes about how I might construct it.

 I used copper wire, which I gave a lovely antique patina with some Liver of Sulphur which is a special jewellery making solution. I sat in the garden with my polishing cloth and buffed up the raised areas. That makes it look nice and twiggy!

The other pendant uses wire wrapping in a different style. I love the shades of green in the freshwater pearls.
More photos of both these necklaces are on my website:

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