Monday, 22 July 2013

Shimmering Sunflowers

Sitting in the garden and completing my sunflower necklace has made the week fly by in a happy, hot haze. I have used such a pretty toggle clasp on it in the shape of a leaf. It really suits it I think.

To view it in detail and to purchase online visit:

Some new bits of equipment arrived this week, a steel mandrel for making earrings and an oval one for making cuffs. I’ve decided I need to diversify a bit. The mandrels are very heavy and made of steel. I can hammer and bend to my hearts content on them and they will last a lifetime. Actually they look quite sculptural sitting on my beading desk, but I make a mental note never to drop one on my toes!

Watching the minibeasts in the garden has been interesting. We’ve several frogs in varying sizes in residence. I built ‘Frog Nirvana’ early in the year, with loads of wood, rocks and shallow bowls to put water in. It doesn’t look tidy, but there is always some sort of tiny creature to see there.
On the other side of the seat, under the kitchen window the sweet peas have run riot. Will have to try keeping some seed from them.
Talking of seeds I love these little seed heads on the pansies. Inspiration for beadwork at every turn this year.

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Ankie said...

it all looks so lovely, Valerie i am looking forward to our summer even though here in Queensland our winters are around 20 degrees during the day , it pretty cold in the morning can be around 5 degrees also looking forward to see what you will be creating with your new "toys"
take care , Ankie

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