Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A collarette style necklace with daisies

It's funny how something quite small and seemingly insignificant in nature can inspire a piece of jewellery. In this case, it was a tiny seed head that did it. Tiny grey seeds in a row in amongst some flowers in pots on the patio. I based these amber coloured daisies on those flowers called 'Black Eyed Susan'. Over the last couple of days I've created the components and now I'm at the stage where I am thinking about the methods I will use to link them all together. I know I want a cascade of leaves and drops coming from the base of the central daisy. I also want the necklace to be a collarette and fit the neck snuggly.

It takes a huge amount of discipline to stay focused on working when the garden furniture is in place and the sun is shining. I'm telling myself that if I sit outside this afternoon with a pile of jewellery books, a cupcake, a husband and a nice cold drink (not in order of preference I hasten to add!) I can count it as work. Anyway a few hours away from this latest piece will be beneficial so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes and solve the joining it up conundrum.

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