Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A big bowl of bead soup

Already the hedgerow is showing subtle changes from flowers to berries. We noticed that the blackberries are starting to form and the pretty pink dog roses have dropped their petals, to be replaced - oh so soon - by bright rosehips.

Even I have had to admit defeat for a couple of days due to the heat and humidity. Even lifting a needle to stitch a bead has been too much of an effort, let alone the physicality of wirework. However, it's a tiny bit more comfortable this morning so I've been mixing up some batches of 'bead soup, inspired by berries.

These will be going into a lush braided rope, with berry shaded CLon threads. The picture shows the necklace in the very early stages. I've made the loop through which the button fastening will go and I'm just starting to incorporate the beads from the piles of bead soup.


I'm trying to ignore the vast heap of ironing that has built up over the week. Far too hot is my feeble excuse for skiving off housework!

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