Saturday, 8 June 2013

Coils and cascades in macramé and wirework

I’ve finally managed to shake off the horrible cold that has kept me away from the beading desk. I have to be quite poorly before I admit defeat, but I was really feeling too ill to concentrate on making things for a few days. But I’m back with renewed enthusiasm now and have been busy with some lovely gemstones.

The green necklace is made from yellow turquoise and loads of Tibetan style metal beads. I’ve used macramé cords over the top of a wire frame to turn a large bead into a pendant . 2 thickness of thread have gone into this piece – 1mm waxed cotton and superlon micro macramé thread. I love weaving with Superlon. It’s incredibly tough and durable, as is the waxed cotton, both have been created especially for jewellery making. I’ve really taken to the idea of wire and macramé, it allows me to use large beads in some very interesting ways.

The second piece is made of howlite gemstone beads and wirework coils, I’ll have to wait until my wire order arrives through the post before I can finish it. I want to add coils all the way to the back of the necklace. I think this would look great with some of the ‘neon brights’ that are in the shops  just now.
Next on my list is a piece inspired by sweet peas. Mine in the garden are coming along nicely. No flowers yet but loads of buds are promising delights to come. I love the mix of jewel like colours and a necklace inspired by them will be really pretty. I’ll need to find a way to represent the little tendrils that the plant uses to climb up the canes.

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