Friday, 17 May 2013

New tricks

You wouldn’t think being a full time jewellery designer could be so tiring would you. After all, sitting at home stringing a few beads together is soooo relaxing – right? Wrong! It’s exhausting and I found I was ready to take a break for a few days. Working on a big bead embroidered project often leaves me feeling fulfilled creatively, but tired after looking at all those tiny seed beads. It’s gone off to a new home already which makes me even happier.

As I mentioned last week, I’m keen to improve and expand my jewellery making skills and last week the postman arrived with some very interesting parcels containing some new materials and equipment. A wire wrapping kit from Manchester Minerals will get me up to speed with some wireworking skills. I’ve some lovely gemstones that are just crying out for some artsy wire wrapping and maybe some leather cord.
Which brings me on to the subject of knots. So far the only knot I’ve used is a simple larks head one to suspend a gemstone donut. But there is so much more to do with cord and leather than that. For ages now I’ve hankered after a knotting board, but being hard to come by and rather expensive, I’ve not succumbed to the temptation. At last though one came up on ebay and the listing also included loads of micro macramé threads, waxed linen and leather thongs. The DVD that came with it is really good and I learned a lot from watching it. I have some fabulous big flat ceramic beads with large holes and I plan to create a fancy knotted cord out of some of the red leather thong that was part of my ebay job lot.
As this was meant to be my week off I decided to make something just for myself, which in common with many jewellery makers, is something I seldom seem to get round to doing. Also in my ebay job lot were two boxes of lovely beads and charms, I was drawn straight away to these square ones. They needed a bold approach I thought so I’ve threaded them with leather strips and plain silver beads.
When summer finally puts in a reappearance I shall wear them with jeans and a simple tee. Chic and stylish though I do say so myself – and husband likes them too so they must be OK!

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