Thursday, 18 April 2013

Watching waxwings

We saw three waxwings on our walk to the post office yesterday. They are quite an unusual sight, but quite unmistakeable due to the crest. We crept quietly up to within eight feet of them. They were so busy eating the cotoneaster berries that they did not seem at all bothered by us. By the time we walked back they had gone, so we felt extremely lucky to have seen them.


My butterfly necklace is at the strap making stage. I have decided to make it in the form of a flowery branch. I want it substantial, but at the same time I don't want it to look too heavy. There are lots of tiny size 15 seed beads in there to help with the delicate look.

The picture shows my butterfly necklace in progress. I find my metal mandrel is a really useful piece of equipment. I use tiny magnets to attach the work in progress every so often, as this allows me to check the fit, balance, shape and length. I'm making a real effort to be more adventurous in my use of colour and I'm very pleased with how well the teal and orange shades work here. I thought very carefully about bead finishes too, so the beads in the strap are slightly more matte and muted than those on the butterfly, which helps it to stand out. I'm quite excited about doing some more butterflies in lots more colour schemes over the summer months.

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