Monday, 8 April 2013

Sketches for butterly jewellery

At last Spring seems to have sprung! I managed to spend the whole day out in the garden yesterday constructing a rockery area. This is a real haven for frogs every year so I was keen to get it done early. Sitting out there on a warm evening with a glass of something chilled we can often spy the frogs coming out from underneath the rocks. During the day they hunker down behind the stones and you can just spy a row of little green froggy faces if you peer in!

Amongst the rocks I’ve put some plants in pots. The jewel colours of the primulas have found their way into my sketches for the butterfly jewellery I am planning to start this week.

Inspiration for colour schemes can often come from some surprising sources and I have found this sweet little pocket calendar in an antiques centre. I just love the combination of orange and white against the deep slate blue/grey so I have sketched a version using those colours. Now begins the real challenge as I work out how to turn my sketch into a fully fledged piece of wearable art. I do so like beady puzzles!

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