Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jade Princess Necklace

How does that song go now.....? Summertime and the living is easy. Hmm not so sure about that as the weeds sprout and the sunshine shows the dust and cobwebs up. Always something seems to need doing that takes me away from the beads. And I always say that I will find time to relax in the sunshine and catch up with some reading. It just never seems to happen somehow!

That said, I've had a creative week with 'Burnished Butterfly finished and sent to a new home already (photo below).

I've wanted to do an art nouveau pendant for some time now, it will be a real challenge to create but I usually find that a sketch helps me to work out roughly how I will approach it. I have some fabulous gemstones to use in this. Jade, aventurine and flourite will combine well I think. I started off by making some chunky beaded beads using some of the round aventurine beads and this has given me the colour scheme I will use.

My initial sketch. I do like a challenge!
Beaded bead using some of the aventurine beads that will feature in the pendant section

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