Saturday, 13 April 2013

Butterfly update

We've been out in the garden all morning. The seating area outside the back door has now been licked into shape. What an invasive herb mint is - I had to dig deep and remove loads of woody roots before I could plant sweet peas, pansies and carnations. The mint will grow back quickly enough, a treat with butter on the new spuds and I do like it mixed in yoghurt and cucumber to make a homemade dip for kebabs or curries. Yum.

That's enough of the domestic. I managed to flit up to the beading desk and work on the butterfly for an hour or so. Here it is in progress. I decided to make the bottom wings more open than the top ones and use pretty litle drop beads to simulate the 'tail' bit on the wings.

My husband has treated me to 'The Hobbit' on DVD. Those who are familiar with what I make will not be surprised that I am into all the myth and fantasy films. He hates that sort of things so I will repair to my boudoir with a pot of earl grey and some choccy tomorrow afternoon whilst he curls up with his 'Sopranos' box set.

Hope you have a super weekend.

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