Monday, 18 March 2013

Joining beadwork elements together

All beaders are unique in their working methods. Some will work up a piece all in one go, perhaps following a pattern written down in a book. I have never followed a pattern, the way I work is born out of my love of working out how to make something  I see in my mind’s eye.  I tend to bead in sections, joining them together to make the whole piece. Often, I’ll make little sample pieces before I commit myself.

This has been the case with the Pochteca Neckpiece, here it is in progress with some of the sample pieces I used to work out the strap design. Making separate shapes has allowed me to include open sections with the red coral beads in them. I like to shape my straps, to make a gentle curve, as it makes them sit well on the neck.

Sometimes it takes a while to work out the construction techniques, each successive trial piece will help to firm up the design. The experiments that get rejected are all part of the fascinating creative journey and I’ve stopped worrying about the time I spend on them before I’m happy. Often I will stick the sample pieces in my notebook as an aide memoire for future pieces.
Pictured here is my notebook page for a Michaelmas Daisy Necklace which shows how I work out how to turn idea into reality. When I’m working on a flower bloom I try to look at as real one and note down how Mother Nature has constructed it.

I’ve just completed my 6th Youtube video and have included my most recent pieces. I’m amazed at how many views these little slideshows are getting – as of today I’ve had 32,670 views on my channel and have 119 subscribers from all over the world. Beadwork really is a wonderful way to share your creativity – and it transcends language and distance barriers. If you would like to view my videos please visit my channel on:

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