Friday, 29 March 2013

Braiding, books and beating the blues

I’m an avid reader of other peoples blogs and one of the top subjects at the moment seems to be the weather. It can have an effect on our creative output, making the mood dip. When the sun shines I certainly feel more inspired, enlivened and productive. There are some strategies I’ve developed to overcome creative blocks and lethargies that are based upon giving yourself a change, either physically, or emotionally. Walking usually does the trick, so we went for a stroll in the woods yesterday and followed it up with a very hot curry. That blew the cobwebs away!

Another walk this morning, to get hot cross buns. As the charity shop next to the supermarket was open we popped in to browse. I love the book section in there and have bought some lovely craft books over the years. Today’s treat was a fascinating book on Tenerife Lace. I’d never heard of it before but as soon as I leafed through it I could see how some of the techniques would translate to jewellery making.

My mind is buzzing with ideas of how I might wind wire then embellish the resulting shape with beads.
The kumihimo braid is coming along nicely, the colours are very ‘misty moorlandish’ with the heather and rust coloured beads and threads combining well. Using wire in the braid has given it some real body, which was what I wanted, and it will hold a nice shape on the neck I think.
Building up the texture of a braid. Adding extra beads to a braid made with hand dyed
threads and various sizes of seed beads
The rest of the weekend will consist of family and feasting, and it will do me no harm to have a break from the beads for a couple of days. Creativity is like a muscle, and like a muscle it needs some time to rest and recuperate after a spell of intense activity. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Easter too!


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