Friday, 8 February 2013

Stitching up a storm

The sea has always played a big part in my life. As a child I loved to be taken on day trips to explore rock pools and collect shells, stones and tiny creatures with a net and plastic bucket. As an adult I find the sight and sound of the sea soothing and stress busting, whether it’s a grey and storm tossed day on the coast in Norfolk, or a warm blue one somewhere far away. My latest necklace is inspired by the sea and will bring together all kinds of gemstones, glass and textiles into a treasure necklace that will evoke thoughts of the ocean.

My starting point was to create a wrapped cord. I have a collection of scarves, including some vintage ones and I selected a blue Italian one which I cut into strips and wound tightly with decorative threads. This gave me a lovely knobbly wrapped cord reminiscent of beach string onto which I’ll weave my seaweedy beadwork.
The photographs show my beadwork in the early stages with some of the beads I’m going to include. Blue topaz, jade, hematite, aventurine and lots of other goodies are begging to be included. I also found some glass beads that remind me of tide-washed sea glass so they will be going in too.


agne77 said...

Hi! Your works are great! Just wonderful! I'm from Italy and I'm a your new follower ;) please excuse my bad English :-D ...a greeting from Italy! Agnese.

Valerie Jones said...

Hello Agnese, it's lovely to have a follower in Italy and I think that your English is fine! Best wishes from Val

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