Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New embroidery and kumihimo

I've finished two new pieces this week. The kumihimo piece in ivory and blush shades is very pretty and was lovely to work on at the same time as I stitched the vibrant bead embroidered earrings. It's great to have more than one piece on the go at the same time, although it can make for a cluttered beading desk.

I'm pleased with the way the ends turned out on this new kumihimo braid, there are some lovely textures and colours in it.

To make the earrings neat and tidy on the back I've woven the same beads as the fronts.

Both items are for sale on my website at: http://www.beadizzy.com/

I've tidied up the chaos and the decks are clear for a completely new piece inspired by our holiday at Christmas. It's based on sea and rocks and will have some blue topaz gemstone chips woven into it. As usual I'll post photos as I progress with it.


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