Thursday, 28 February 2013

African Violet Beaded Beads

I've never had much success in keeping these pretty little pot plants alive, although I've often been seduced into buying them because of the lovely combination of violet, blue and deep green. So I decided to craft some beaded beads inspired by them.

I started off by making some needle felted balls. Using the bright pink merino wool I used a fine barbed needle to poke the fibres together. Then I used Fireline beading thread to embroider the felt bead. Although the background felt is covered with beads, the bright pink still has an important role to play. When you really look hard at an African Violet flower, you notice that the colour really isn't uniform all over. Using the transparent blue glass flowers on the pink background means I get flowers that look purple on the inside, with a halo of bright blue. I found some glass leaves in my collection that are just the right shape.

The photo shows my first bead, threaded onto a needle with a silver lined larger bead on either side. It's hard to convey the depth of colour in a photo. I will bead up a whole garden full of these and then combine them to make a really pretty piece.

In contrast to my beading desk, the garden is still bereft of colour and we will not have a daffodil out on St Davids Day, the buds are still very tightly furled. Having a Welsh husband means I take note of these things.

I'm off to look out a recipe for Bara Brith!

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