Saturday, 23 February 2013

A new way to make beaded braids

I’ve been meaning to get myself one of these braiding disks for a while so that I have something portable to make bead braids on. Handy to take out into the garden, or to use at the kitchen table whilst I’m keeping an eye on my cooking. I found the kit on ebay, it included bobbins, thread, a kit for a bracelet, glue and clasps, as well as the braiding disk and instructions. The whole thing cost just £9.99 and would be a great way to try kumihimo braiding.
I’ve just finished my Sea Nymph Necklace. I’ve found a nice way to do little dumbbell endings on the toggle clasp, which makes it extra secure round the neck. Thank goodness for Fireline beading thread, which was originally created for fishermen. I love to stitch my toggles with it. I figure that if it will hold a wriggling fish it will withstand a lot of shimmying and shaking!

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