Friday, 15 February 2013

A head full of 'What Ifs?'

Sometimes a piece of work comes along and provides an exciting springboard that gets me going in an interesting new direction. Often these first pieces are highly experimental and I know that it's important to give yourself time to play, as it's how you evolve creatively, even if you feel as if you're not producing anything 'finished' for a while. I've been 'messing around' with some gemstone chips this week, trying to find a way to use them around the edge of a pendant when suddenly I had one of those 'aha' moments us beaders get sometimes. I can just imagine that this technique would make the prettiest flower centres - I can just see it working with tigers eye chips to make the centrepiece of a big sunflower bloom.

The photo shows the reverse of the Sea Nymph pendant section with the edging of glass chips. I'm always looking to find new ways of edging my more freeform beadwork. I like to take a more intuitive and organic approach than I do with my more formal embroidered pieces. In this case the piece is very seaweedy in style.

If there's anything that bead obsessed people (who, moi?) love more than things to create with, it's places to store their vast collection of beads.

At last I've found a way to store my bead tubes that works for me. I bought some flat A4 file cases in the local Poundland and they are just perfect! I've grouped the bead tubes into colours and I can now see at a glance what I have without rummaging, as the files are translucent.

My guilty confession is that I had to buy 12 of these boxes and I still need to go back and get a couple more before all my seed beads are stashed away. Good ol' Poundland.

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