Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New leaves

I always hated January when I was working as a Graphic Designer, the commute at this time of year used to be tedious. However, I love January now, the opportunity to start afresh and plan projects for the year ahead is so exciting.

Outside the first signs of spring are appearing if you search in the snow. Little spikes poke up above the soil to promise a show of bulbs in a few weeks time and aconites can be found if you know where to look on country walks.
My resolution to have a less ‘spendy’ month in January proved to be rather short lived. We arrived home from our holiday in Tenerife to a washing machine that did not work.  My gleaming new one arrived within 48 hours and what a boon it is to have one that dries the washing too. My husband always hated tripping over clothes horses in the winter time. However, it made the old cooker look very shabby in contrast and I love cooking. So a new oven arrives on Friday. Lots of warming and comforting pies and casseroles will be coming out of it if this cold snap keeps up.
It has taken me a while to get going with the beads again after the sun, sea and sangria, but I’m in full swing again at last. I’m just finishing the back of the latest necklace and thinking what I will make next.



Ankie said...

Welcome back , Valerie ,glad you are back, i have been following your blog for a while now , and just wanted to say that i love your blog, and your work, Take care, Ankie

Valerie Jones said...

Thank you Ankie, no matter where you roam home always feels lovely to come back to and I'm happy to be back with my blog and my beads! The view from my beading desk is very snowy at the moment - a bit different to the view from your window I should think!

Best wishes, Val

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