Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let it snow!

Afternoons like this just make me want to batten down the hatches and snuggle up cosy indoors with comfort food and a nice glass of wine. At least cooking will be even more enjoyable, as the delivery men battled through the snow to bring me my lovely new oven. Having connected it, shown me how to use it and loaded the old one to take away for recycling they found that their van was completely stuck in the snow outside the house. Wheels were spinning and they were going nowhere. Thank goodness I had a shovel in the garden shed. Even so it took a long time to get them moving again.

Rocky Road is now complete and will be going off to a new home, a good excuse for  stroll to the post office in the snow.

I've used a nice chunky sterling silver clasp to finish the brick stitched sections at the back. I always use french wires under the clasps as they make a tidy and very strong fastening

I'm starting a pair of embroidered earrings tomorrow, as I'm determined to have some different things on the website in 2013.

I'll sketch out some designs over the weekend and post some pics early next week. In the meantime I hope you manage to stay warm and don't have too much wintry travel hassle.

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