Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ideas for earrings

Most of my bead embroidered pieces have been quite large, as they are usually in the form of neckpieces. I feel like making something small for a change and trying my hand at some embroidered earrings will make an enjoyable challenge. Exquisite and tiny size 15 seed beads, delicas and gemstones will find their way in.

As usual I started out with a worksheet. I try to be uninhibited about putting my ideas down, My pencils and paints just doodle whatever comes into my head and usually one or two of my ideas invite me to take them further.

I’ve just started to stitch the beads onto the Lacy’s Stiff Stuff. As there are two earrings, I’m beading them both at the same time, adding a few beads to each one in turn, so that they will be the same.

I can’t believe how fast the thaw has been. We went to bed with snow on the ground but when I looked out this morning the field opposite the house was green again. This is a relief as I’ve had some very slippery walks to the post office over the last few days.

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