Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ideas for earrings

Most of my bead embroidered pieces have been quite large, as they are usually in the form of neckpieces. I feel like making something small for a change and trying my hand at some embroidered earrings will make an enjoyable challenge. Exquisite and tiny size 15 seed beads, delicas and gemstones will find their way in.

As usual I started out with a worksheet. I try to be uninhibited about putting my ideas down, My pencils and paints just doodle whatever comes into my head and usually one or two of my ideas invite me to take them further.

I’ve just started to stitch the beads onto the Lacy’s Stiff Stuff. As there are two earrings, I’m beading them both at the same time, adding a few beads to each one in turn, so that they will be the same.

I can’t believe how fast the thaw has been. We went to bed with snow on the ground but when I looked out this morning the field opposite the house was green again. This is a relief as I’ve had some very slippery walks to the post office over the last few days.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A change of colour scheme

I'm in a pastel mood. Maybe it's a reaction to all the snow that has been around for a while. I pulled out some linen threads and loads of pearls and glass beads in pale peach, blush and cream. I've done the ends a bit differently on this one too, and I like the contrast of the textured sections next to the very ends which are done in brick stitch. Just a few more pretty beads to add and then the clasp to sew on.

It does seem to be thawing a little outside at last. I'm very nervous walking in the snow. I say walk but really it's a shuffle as I'm paranoid about injuries to arm or wrist. Not being able to bead would be awful!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let it snow!

Afternoons like this just make me want to batten down the hatches and snuggle up cosy indoors with comfort food and a nice glass of wine. At least cooking will be even more enjoyable, as the delivery men battled through the snow to bring me my lovely new oven. Having connected it, shown me how to use it and loaded the old one to take away for recycling they found that their van was completely stuck in the snow outside the house. Wheels were spinning and they were going nowhere. Thank goodness I had a shovel in the garden shed. Even so it took a long time to get them moving again.

Rocky Road is now complete and will be going off to a new home, a good excuse for  stroll to the post office in the snow.

I've used a nice chunky sterling silver clasp to finish the brick stitched sections at the back. I always use french wires under the clasps as they make a tidy and very strong fastening

I'm starting a pair of embroidered earrings tomorrow, as I'm determined to have some different things on the website in 2013.

I'll sketch out some designs over the weekend and post some pics early next week. In the meantime I hope you manage to stay warm and don't have too much wintry travel hassle.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New leaves

I always hated January when I was working as a Graphic Designer, the commute at this time of year used to be tedious. However, I love January now, the opportunity to start afresh and plan projects for the year ahead is so exciting.

Outside the first signs of spring are appearing if you search in the snow. Little spikes poke up above the soil to promise a show of bulbs in a few weeks time and aconites can be found if you know where to look on country walks.
My resolution to have a less ‘spendy’ month in January proved to be rather short lived. We arrived home from our holiday in Tenerife to a washing machine that did not work.  My gleaming new one arrived within 48 hours and what a boon it is to have one that dries the washing too. My husband always hated tripping over clothes horses in the winter time. However, it made the old cooker look very shabby in contrast and I love cooking. So a new oven arrives on Friday. Lots of warming and comforting pies and casseroles will be coming out of it if this cold snap keeps up.
It has taken me a while to get going with the beads again after the sun, sea and sangria, but I’m in full swing again at last. I’m just finishing the back of the latest necklace and thinking what I will make next.