Friday, 30 November 2012

A Box of Delights

My ebay box of delights
I think I mentioned in a previous blog post that I have been reconfiguring my beading area and that has meant  selling quite a few items on ebay. I decided to treat myself to some new shell and abalone pieces with some of the proceeds. Browsing through listings I came across a big job lot and put in a bid, not really expecting to win it. Imagine my delight to find that I had won it. A courier arrived a few days later bearing a very large and heavy box. I opened it and just went WOWSER! Packed to the brim with hundreds of little bags stuffed with lovely pieces it took ages to unpack. It will be fun to sort through and see exactly what there is – a lovely job for the Christmas holidays. There are enough abalone pieces alone to inspire enough pieces to adorn a shoal of mermaids! Actually, I’m not sure if a ‘shoal’ is the correct collective noun for a group of mermaids – I think I prefer a ‘shimmer’!
The contents of just one of the little bags - gorgeous!

There is more than one way to catch a mermaid – you can go wild and seaweedy, or take a more structured approach with repeating shapes. I like to keep a small A5 notebook handy to jot down ideas, the words are as important as the rough sketches and I try to be uninhibited about it.  In the two sketchbook pages here, I’m recording my thoughts about mermaids and treasures from the sea in general. The results of these musings were two very different pieces with a sea theme.

Shoreline - inspired by ripples between pebbles

Tidepool kumihimo braid - very seaweedy

I’ve come across some very unusual glass cabochons, flecked with bright colours they have a lovely light, fresh airy feel and remind me of summery flower petals. I can feel a range of flower fairy pieces coming on.  Out with the notebook again!

I am finding it quite hard to feel summery, or to get any beading done at all just now as the wind is whistling through the house. Me and my PC are forming a little island in a sea of dustsheets over the next few days, as all the windows, woodwork and guttering are being replaced and then smart new blinds are being installed. I have the headache of trying to find room for my printer in my revamped little beading area – a jigsaw puzzle if ever there was one.


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