Monday, 29 October 2012

Declutter on a grand scale

I just couldn’t go on the way I was. Craft items that I will never use again were taking up space that I really need so that I can properly organise my jewellery making supplies. Drastic action was called for so I took everything out and laid it on the living room floor.

There was even more stuff than I thought, the picture shows just a tiny bit of it in the process of being sorted into job lots. Cardmaking stuff, sewing stuff, glitter glues, paints of every description. Enough to stock an entire craft shop. Time to pass them on to people who will use and enjoy them.

The plan for the long-term is to be a whole lot more productive and professional, especially as I have a little waiting list of pieces promised. When my husband arrived back from work, he felt like Howard Carter must have done as he first entered Tuts Tomb. So I have been busy on ebay over the last 3 weeks and gradually the pile is diminishing. In the beading area, things are much nicer….. I can actually find things without having to rummage! I ordered some new packaging boxes, lovely cream coloured ones, with double sided velour inserts, black on one side, cream on the other so you can choose whichever matches best. Much more luxurious than my old white ones, which I will phase out. Each one is now neatly stored in tissue paper in a drawer set aside for dispatching items. I also got some lovely mulberry paper to make the packaging even nicer. I had the opportunity to send one off straight away, as someone bought a pretty Kumihimo necklace. How thrilling to think of it going all the way to Denmark and I do hope the lady is pleased with it!
Almost done - just the clasp
and suspendy bit to make
The Peacock necklace is just a few days away from being finished – I’m working on the button closure and then I need to think of a really stunning way to suspend the pendant section. All the while I’ve been beading, I’ve kept a real peacock feather in front of me, so I hope I’ve captured its essence as it were.

I love that funny little crown the peacock wears on its head don’t you!

I think the peacock is looking surprised that my necklace
is actually going to be finished!

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